Printer Repair: Behind the Scenes – talking with Marius also known as The Print Doctor

Marius can you tell us how you get involved at Rethink Printing?

I joined Rethink Printing in December 2009 with no background in printers or cartridges. However, I applied for the job because I did have a background in engineering so I wanted technical work having spent much of my previous life fixing and working on tractors and combines. The job provided the technical ability I had and I saw it as a way to form a new technical skill that was more applicable than tractors and combines!

What do you get up to on a daily basis?

printer repair from rethinkprinting.comMy main role on a day to day basis is spent around installing new printers and photocopiers into businesses and then back at Rethink HQ fixing any printers for whatever reason are not working properly. Usually things like paper has been jammed in or there is a faulty wire in the printer and repairing the printer to go back out to the customer the same day to ensure they can continue printing. I also spend time on the phone to people talking them through how to fix issues.

What do you love about being a printer engineer?

I love the technical side of it. Taking a printer to bits and then rebuilding it is really fun. What I find really interesting is finding the problem and then coming up with how to fix it which usually requires some out of the box thinking. I love finding solutions to the issues and fixing them.

What might customers not know about fixing and printer repairs at Rethink?

Most people don’t know how easy it is for printers to stop working properly, especially if they are not treated properly or kept in poor environments. It is a very technical job and involves a lot of very small wires and circuit boards and connecting those together.

What are your top 3 tips for keeping a printer working smoothly?

  1. Buy Good quality printer paper
  2. Keep your printer in an good office environment and not in a shed for example
  3. Always keep a set of spare cartridges to hand

What would we find you doing on your ideal weekend when you not at the Rethink HQ?

I would love to spend the weekend in the sun on a beach with my wife and son Hugo, who’s 5, having a bbq.

What’s one interesting fact about you we won’t know?

Well, I have an engineering degree! And when my wife isn’t looking I try and sneak some time in to play computer games, which she usually catches me doing!

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