Photocopier Machines – Talking with Rethink Printing’s New Sales Manager Aaron 

Read our article on Rethink Printings new photocopier expert and how he has become such an expert on Photocopier Machines…

Hi Aaron, so how did you get involved in Rethink Printing? 

Photocopier expert from rethinkprinting.comWell I have been involved in the Printing and Photocopier world for the last 30 years. I actually ran my own business which was the largest Canon dealer in Gloucestershire which I ran for 16 years but I decided to pack that in about seven years ago and go traveling with my whole family. When I got back I was looking for a job in a similar industry and Rethink Printing was the best fit for me! Rethink were looking to grow their photocopier sales and I had extensive knowledge in the industry so it worked out perfectly.

What do you get up to on a daily basis?

So, on a daily basis my real focus is on growing the Rethink Sales Team and expanding our customer list by using the leads from the Marketing Department and going out to see how we can best serve those potential customers.

What do you love about Sales at Rethink? 

I love meeting a lot of different people, I also hope that I can pass on some helpful advice and value to help them with their day to day printing needs to make their life easier. I love trying to make the customer as happy as I possibly can and providing them with the most value I can, even if it doesn’t result in a sale. As long as they have the best advice I am happy.

What might customers not know about Sales at Rethink Printing

I know I said earlier that Rethink were looking at growing their photocopier sales but I think many people don’t realise how established Rethink is already. I have come in to really boost it and drive it even further forward. Many people think that we just supply ink and toner cartridges but we need to get the word out that we supply a lot of printer and photocopier hardware too.

What are your top 3 tips for forming successful relationships with existing customers

  1. Be honest
  1. Always put the clustomer first
  1. Work Hard

What would we find you doing on your ideal weekend when you not at the Rethink HQ?

My ideal weekend would be spending a weekend diving on the coast of Wales or Cornwall even if it is very cold!

What’s one interesting fact about you we won’t know? 

I have done over 1000 dives now!

Thanks for taking us behind the scenes of Sales at Rethink Printing Aaron!


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