Toner Cartridges: Talking with Rethink Printing’s Operations Assistant Ana 

Read our blog introduces our operations manager Ana who deals with everything from toner cartridges, ink cartridges and ink refills.


Hi Ana, so how did you get involved in Rethink Printing? 

office photocopier from rethinkprinting.comSo I was just shopping in Hereford and I was walking down Bewell Street where there was one of the Rethink Printing old shops. I had previously worked in Portugal in a similar business and so I was looking for a job and so I popped in and asked if there were any jobs going. At the time, there wasn’t but I got a phone call a month later to ask If I could just work for a month in a really busy period but 4 years later I am still here full time!

What do you get up to on a daily basis?

Well I really deal with the day to day operations of running the business. When orders come in I will pick the orders and ensure they are dispatched to the right people at the right time and they actually get there. I also deal with all our suppliers and making sure we have enough stock and then reordering if not. I sometimes go out to deliver cartridges to people just to get out and about a bit which I really enjoy. I really love the variation in my job as I do lots of different things whereas I would hate doing the same thing for 8 hours solid!

What might customers not know about Rethink Printing

I don’t think people know that Rethink does fixed price contracts for businesses

What would we find you doing on your ideal weekend when you not at the Rethink HQ?

Well I love sports and playing sport so I would love to be out on my bike or taking my sons to play football and watching them. But they don’t like to play with their mummy anymore as they are now 14 and 16!

The next big thing I am doing in the Spinathon in Point 4 which is a 24 hours of spinning on a static bike which is done in a team to raise money for the Blind College.

What’s one interesting fact about you we won’t know? 

Well not many people know that I have a Level 2 Qualification in Personal Training!

Thanks for taking us behind the scenes of the Rethink operations Ana!


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