MPS: Hereford Forklift Training – MPS Case Study

Printer -Photocopier repair - copier from Rethink PrintingPrinter -Photocopier repair - copier from Rethink Printing

We love working with local businesses and thought it would be useful to share some of our insights with everyone. We hope you find it useful to know more about what we do and how we do it. Do let us know if you have any thoughts:

Printer -Photocopier repair - copier from Rethink Printing

Hereford Forklift Training is a well-respected local family business and national award winning supplier of Mitsubishi forklift trucks. The company has a policy of supporting local Hereford businesses and a chance meeting at a business seminar gave Rethink director Hugh Pattison-Appleton the opportunity to visit its Rotherwas headquarters and advise on all its all the

A typical printer policy for fast-growing firms: Like many fast growing firms, HFT’s printer policy was to buy basic inkjet desktop printers for each member of the team. With no control on the cartridge usage, printing costs were extremely high.

Implementing a more cost-effective approach: HFT Director Anna Crawford worked closely with Hugh to implement a plan to reduce costs and introduce an ongoing printer maintenance programme to reduce ‘down time’.

The introduction of aftermarket cartridges, rather than original cartridges, allowed savings of over 35% immediately. Any warranty concerns on both the cartridges and the printers were eliminated by Rethink Printing’s comprehensive warranty.

Plans to replace two desktop printers with a single shared business specification printer proved harder to introduce as individual team members resisted the loss of their own dedicated printer. In true leading-by-example style, Anna’s mother in law and Managing Director Carole Crawford and Zoe Ferriday, Anna’s Co-Director and sister-in-law, embraced the idea in their office and over the following 12 months all the printers were replaced, at Rethink’s expense, with HP Office Pro machines, reducing HFT’s running costs by a further 50%.

Bringing the latest technology to the business: The relationship has now developed further and, where practical and appropriate, each department is being equipped with one of the latest laser colour printers.

In addition, an old photocopier in HFT’s training department has been replaced by one of the latest multi-function mono laser printers, enabling a far better quality of print and none of the finance and maintenance costs traditionally associated with photocopiers.

Providing an ongoing printing solution: After nearly two years, Rethink Printing was able to fully audit HFT’s true printing costs and agree a new three-year contract, fixed at the previous year’s total cost. This included all replacement hardware, consumables and a full servicing package. As Director Anna Crawford stated: “This is a no brainer as we can now budget accurately for all our printing costs over the next three years and still have all the amazing support from Rethink’s senior printer engineer Marius Petcu.”

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