Printer Services: Rethink Printing Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

Our New Apprentice, Abby.

Why Rethink has taken on an apprentice and why you should too!

This week (13th March) marks National Apprenticeship Week throughout the UK where businesses celebrate the fantastic impact apprentices and apprenticeships have on businesses and young enthusiastic people looking to make their mark in the big wide world of work. Apprenticeships can put their more practical skills to the best use as well as allowing fresh young talent a terrific opportunity to experience a variety of different sectors and then decide where they would really enjoy working full time.

Over the last few years Rethink Printing has been a big supporter of apprentices and has had several different apprentices from a variety of different backgrounds. Rethink believes it is our responsibility to give people the opportunity to experience the huge range of prospects out there for young people. They get stuck in and involved in a growing business whilst the apprenticeship schemes provide people with skills that will serve them for almost any job they decide to do in the future, be it with Rethink or someone else whether in Marketing, Sales, Admin or Operations. Operating a business such as Rethink allows us to offer the opportunity for apprentices to work within a business in all the different departments and gain a much better understanding of working in a more formal traditional business environment.

As ever Rethink has impeccable timing and recently has taken on our latest apprentice, Abby Shuck, which happens to coincide with National Apprenticeship week extremely well! Abby is 17 and after her GSCEs she was set on joining the British Army as she wanted to experience a challenge both physically and mentally. However, due to a back injury, Abby had to pull out of joining the army which she was bitterly disappointed about.

Slightly stuck with not knowing what to do she decided that, instead of going back to college, she would rather get stuck into the real world of jobs and learn practical skills directly and find out what job she really loved and wanted to do going forward. Abby therefore decided becoming an apprentice was the best way forward. Before coming to Rethink Printing Abby tried several apprentice schemes in a range of different roles from Retail, Fast Food to Hairdressing however done of these excited her at all.

Abby decided she wanted to see what working in a more traditional formal office environment would be where she could have a desk and not be standing up all day so she chose Rethink Printing.

We want to give all our apprentices a structured learning and training scheme to give a much wider exposure to a variety of different roles within a business which will help them decide which area suits them best in the future. So, Rethink has come up with a tailored program for Abby to allow her to experience this, broadly consisting of Abby spending time in each of the four main departments we have: Operations, Sales, Marketing and Printer Repairs & Engineering.

The idea is to give Abby several months in each department, very like a graduate role, to grasp the basics in each area and then decide where she might prefer to spend most of her time. This also gives her a very broad range of transferable skills for use not only within Rethink but any other jobs she might decide to do in the future.

This week Abby has started in the Operations Department and is learning about reviewing and ordering stock when needed and then the distribution channel we use to ensure the correct stock is delivered to the right person when an order comes in. She has also been getting to grips with our sales software and learning how to serve customers and process orders as well as getting very confused about all the hundreds of different cartridges out there!

We are really pleased to have Abby on board with the ever-expanding Rethink Team and we know we can offer her a hugely beneficial training scheme for the next year where she will get a lot of exposure to how a business runs and provide her will skills that will set her up for any job she might wish to do.

We urge other business to take on apprentices like Abby to ensure younger people are given the opportunity early on to find exactly what they love doing and contributing to businesses with their enthusiasm and skills. Apprentices offer massive benefits to businesses and we hope this has given people an insight into why Rethink encourages apprentices and how we have gone about bringing them on board with our team.

There are various organisations which can help you find the right apprentice for your business. We used Riverside Training in Hereford who made the process very easy and hassle free from initial shortlisting right through to the final appointment of Abby.

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