Cartridge shop: The reasons behind the Rethink Rebrand – Why we didn’t want to be like other high street franchises

Hopefully by now you will have realised that Rethink Printing is the new company that replaces the previous Cartridge World in Hereford. Many of you may be wondering why we changed name to Rethink Printing. This blog post aims dispel the common misconceptions and give you the major reason for the rebrand and why it really matters to you.

If you didn’t know, CW was a franchise, and therefore governed by a head office and a strict set of rules, guide lines, operating procedures or whatever you wish to call it to be able to operate that franchise. In theory you can walk into any branch the world over and they will all be the same. Just like McDonalds or Subway and many others.

Some people seem to think we have closed down! I’m sorry to disappoint but that’s one of the common misconceptions which simply isn’t true! Under the CW banner it was incredibly hard to put our own spin on the business and go in a direction we felt was right as everything had to go through a head office. We wanted to become truly independent and we couldn’t do that as a franchise.

We saw the direction that head office wanted to take the franchise and looking at the feedback from our customers, this would not be of benefit to our customers. To that end we were fed up of not being able to adapt to shopping trends and be allowed to implement what our customers wanted. We need to innovate and implement ideas in order to better serve our customers and make buying printers and cartridges a much more enjoyable experience.

Times are changing and we needed to adapt to our customers’ needs, but in order to do that we had to create a new, dynamic and innovative brand which allowed us to provide the premium service that our customers wanted with as little concern about printing as they could.

We aim to bring a much more in depth and rounded service to our customers, focusing on more than just selling cartridges. We want to enable our customers to never have to worry about their printing again, be it through running out of ink or having a printer stop working just in the middle of printing something really important. We vowed to resolve this.

cheap ink cartridges from rethinkprinting.comWe did this by introducing our Managed Print Solutions service where customers receive a BRAND NEW FREE printer so you are always printing using the best quality printers. We give our customers UNLIMITED cartridge refills whenever they need so they never run out of ink or toner and we have put a BIG focus on our ongoing servicing and maintenance for customer’s printers, which no other business in Hereford does. You can go to PC world and stand in the Knowhow line for an hour just to be told you will have to buy another printer. We have combatted this with our rapid reaction service: one of our printer engineers will come out and fix your printer the VERY SAME DAY and, if we can’t, then we will loan you a printer for free until it is fixed.

We found our customers also wanted predictable pricing so they know exactly what they are spending on printing so we brought all of this together into one fixed fee monthly payment, providing absolute certainty that they know what they would spend on printing. So, even if you print a lot more one month, it’s still a fixed fee, giving customers peace of mind that there are no nasty surprises.

Our underlying vision is to keep people printing happily with no fuss and absolute certainty of all your printing requirements. This is the philosophy we live and breathe. Hassle free, predictable printing so you never have to worry again and can continue printing happily!

For more information about our innovative service please visit and book in for a FREE Printer Audit to see how much money switching to Rethink Printing could save you.

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