Photocopiers Hereford: Rethink Printing Shakes up the Photocopier Sector

The Rethink Printing OfficeThe Rethink Printing Office

Rethink Printing primarily established originally to refill ink cartridges, but over time we have moved from inhouse production of both ink and laser cartridges and sale of desktop printers, to more recently developing Rethink Printing’s innovative monthly managed print service (MPS) which has become a roaring success. However, the feedback from our customers has been they also wish not only for Rethink to be able to supply them with desktop printers and larger more commercial printers, but also photocopiers. Copiers have become almost a necessity in today’s modern office and work environment, with many companies struggling to be able to live without them. Having surveyed our customers and found out they really wish we could also offer photocopiers as an ‘all in one bundle’, Rethink Printing has now officially entered the photocopier industry. Coincidentally, this ties in very nicely with our recently appointed Sales Manager where we recruited industry leading photocopier expert Aaron Bailey to head up our new photocopier sales team.

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Rethink Printing is already an established and loyally followed brand for printers & cartridges but is now challenging the more established photocopier companies out there. Rethink Printing is seeing this as a fantastic opportunity to grow in this sector and shake it up. Coming into something and doing it differently to give our customers a far more enjoyable experience is what Rethink thrives on.

We have crowd sourced exactly how both our customers and competitor’s customers would want to be treated when going through the whole process from choosing a photocopier, funding that copier (they are not cheap), right through to installing it and the ongoing management of it. We researched what people didn’t like and found irritating about the process, as well as what they would have liked from the process. Consequently, Rethink Printing is very simply going to deliver exactly what they want along with some innovative and ground breaking ideas and processes. This information already gives Rethink Printing a huge advantage over the more established competitors who have rarely bothered to ask their customers what they want. They mostly deliver their service is the same way they did five years ago, failing to see times have changed and the industry is ready for a new player. Rethink has come up with new innovative pricing structures to better cater for our customers (through hard negotiation with suppliers) along with our quality guarantee, 24 hour repair service and Swap in Swap out service.

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If you want to find out more about what innovative ideas Rethink can do for you and your company’s photocopier needs then please get in touch with Aaron who would be delighted to help in any way possible.

Due to Rethink’s launch into the photo copier market, we offered our existing customers 10,000 FREE page copies with every new photocopier contract they signed up for. However, for a short period only (next few weeks), we will be opening this offer to everyone else but this will only last for the next few weeks due to the already growing demand for photocopier contracts from Rethink. So HURRY if you want to take advantage of 10,000 FREE copies and innovative ideas to ensure your experience with Rethink Printing is remarkable.


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