Printer Cartridge: Rethink Printing’s Best Chocolate Eggs on the Market this Easter…

Lent is nearly up and Easter is fast approaching! It’s that time of the year again when we are all on the hunt for the best Easter eggs out there to be able to overindulge with over Easter, especially if you have up chocolate or sugar for lent and perhaps even the odd printer cartridge or two. It’s a tough decision trying to balance your desire for as much chocolate as possible with the astronomical cost some Easter eggs seem to fetch, so to help you out and ensure you make the most of this Easter, Rethink Printing has complied 6 of the best Easter eggs you can buy this year…

To Kick things off with we start with the more economical (but still best) Easter Eggs we could find:


Tesco Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate Hidden Egg (£15) Copiers Hereford from

When thinking about the best Easter Eggs on the market, you might not automatically think that Tesco would be in the running. However, if you are looking for something which looks and tastes great then this is the perfect choice of egg. It won first prize in The Sun’s Blind Tasting and is a not too painful £15 making it a bargain of a really tasty Easter Egg.


Multifunction photocopier Hereford from www.rethinkprinting.comPrestat Milk Chocolate Hot Cross Bun Spiced Easter Egg (£17.50)

Prestat, chocolatier to Her Majesty The Queen, has added a hot cross bun inspired egg to their collection. This lightly spiced milk chocolate egg is filled with a clutch of mini gold foiled eggs with distinctive hints of orange zest and clove. Wrapped in a simple ribbon and placed in a beautifully designed lidded box, this chocolate egg certainly has the royal seal of approval. £17.50/170g


Bettys Trio of Spring Flower Eggs, £27.50A3 Photocopier Hereford from

These three beautiful eggs are made with the finest Swiss chocolate and prettily presented in a stylish pastel box. Created to complement one another perfectly, the trio contains one milk chocolate egg, hand-stippled with dark chocolate; one dark chocolate and one eau de nil white chocolate egg with a silver lustre. Each is decorated with Royal iced spring flowers, delicately piped by hand.

However if you are looking for a really indulgent bit of luxury this Easter then we suggest you try one of the follow three eggs:


Rent photocopier from Artisan Milk Chocolate Easter Egg (£40)

When it comes to Easter eggs, the chocolatiers at Harrods really know what they’re doing. This colourful offering from the department store gets its wow factor from a hand-painted ombre finish. The dark chocolate shell is filled with a selection of dreamy gianduja chocolate treats.



Hotel Chocolat Ostrich Egg (£75)Photocopiers Hereford from

Ostriches lay the largest eggs of any living bird – and this egg has been measured to replicate the size of a real one to create the heftiest shell of any egg out there on the market. This Easter Egg is made with half 40% milk chocolate packed with crunchy cookies and puffed rice, and half 50% milk chocolate with crispy feuilletine. Served with a tray of 27 chocolates – pralines, truffles, caramels, patisserie and more – plus six golden eggs hidden inside the box for you to hunt. All in all this comes to more than a kilo of chocolate! That’s plenty to share with all the family, to make a grand gesture to someone special – or to keep you going all Easter!


Fortnum and Mason – The Colossal Egg (£90)Lease photocopier from

The most discerning of chocolate connoisseurs will be impressed by this splendid Fortnum creation, weighing in at 1.4kg and packed with four separate eggs inside. An adventure for your taste buds, the Colossal Egg offers flavours of milk chocolate and salted honeycomb, dark chocolate orange and white chocolate with strawberry and black pepper.



Have a very happy Easter from everyone here at Rethink Printing! Make sure you east plenty of chocolate!

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