How do I choose the right printer?

There are so many printers on the market, it can be difficult to know which is best for you. Here are some thing to bear in mind when you choose your next printer. We offer impartial advice on the printer that’s right for you, so please get in touch if you would like any help.

  • Sometimes getting the correct printer for your needs is more important than getting a printer with lots of features: don’t buy a printer with more features than you need.
  • Do you print more than 90% in black? If the answer is yes, buying a colour printer may mean you are wasting 90% of the colours and you will be using only 10%. In this case the cost per page will be very high and so a mono printer is the solution. If you need occasional colour printing look for a printer where you can use high capacity black cartridges.
  • Cheap hardware does not always mean cheap running cost: very often the cartridges on the entry level machine will be as expensive as the printer was in the first place.
  • Air print is also available when the printer is connected hardwired to the network. Unless you are restricted or you are using two separate networks any “air printer” should be available for you to print from any wireless devices. Most of the wireless laser printers are £70 – £120 more expensive than a wired network laser printer.
  • Duplex printing is becoming a standard feature yet some manufacturer will charge you an extra £20 to £50 for it.
  • An extra paper tray could be useful but could be another added cost.

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