I’m not happy with the quality of my printing

Printed Rethink PaperPrinted Rethink Paper

If you aren’t happy with the quality of your printing, here are some of things you can try:

  • After replacing a cartridge the printer will normally prime the print head automatically and get the cartridges ready for printing. If the print quality is bad or there is no ink/toner coming out, make sure you have removed all the packaging and tabs. Not removing all the packaging won’t allow the toner or ink to be released so as result poor quality or blank sheets are printed.
  • Do not clean the print head more than four times. Instead of cleaning the print head use some 4”x6” photo paper and print a couple of pictures at the highest quality. That should have the same effect and uses less ink.
  • Poor print quality can occur if an inkjet printer has been left unused for a long period of time. We recommend printing test pages containing black and colour once a week. Also, running cartridges dry will have impact on the lifespan of the printer. We notice that customers who use their printer on a regular basis and replace the cartridges not long after the warning message advising about low toner or ink have fewer problems and hardware that lasts longer.
  • You can print on photo paper on a laser printer but you will need to use dedicated laser photo paper that is able to withstand heat up to 200C. Using inkjet photo paper in a laser printer will ruin your fuser unit.
  • Ink smudges on the paper are mainly caused by using the incorrect setting or wrong side of the paper.

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