OKI Data MC562w

What the marketing blurb says

All-in-one functionality plus wireless, HD colour output, superior speed and media flexibility. Eco-friendly, too.

 What Rethink Printing says


  • Good quality glossy finish print output
  • Banner printing
  • Energy efficient
  • It will take high capacity cartridges, meaning 7,000 pages of black and white printing and 5,000 colour pages


  • No touch screen
  • Very awkward interface makes it difficult to navigate the menu
  • Wireless version over £100 more expensive than the non wireless version
  • Heavy and very clunky

What our printer engineer Marius says

Well, where should I start? My headaches started as soon as I got the machine out of the box. The printer has a administrator password for the wireless and you cannot set up the machine unless you find it! Bizarrely, it is not “admin”, not “oki” not even “0000” or “1234”, it is “aaaaaa”. Once you find the password and start setting up the printer on wireless you realise that the network port is disabled. Oh dear. So the printer can be only wireless or hard wire, meaning it’s useless having both type of connectivity. It will work with the USB and wireless or with USB and on the network.

The scanning feature or scan to email is a nightmare and despite having almost 7 years’ experience in the field it took me a good hour to figure it out. Wireless connectivity is not very stable and will lose connection to the routers making it a very frustrating machine to have.

On the positive it will take our own brand cartridges which will give you good value for money and a very cheap cost per page especially when using the high capacity cartridges. OKI is also offering 3 years on site warranty if registered with the first month of purchase.

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