Can I print anything in my printer?

Printed Rethink PaperPrinted Rethink Paper

Most printers will cope with a wide variety of media (paper, labels etc), but will only produce optimum results if the settings are changed to accommodate the particular type of media. This is especially important when printing photos or labels as the results will be dramatically different if the wrong settings are used. Long term your printer may be damaged without changing settings.

With photo paper you are likely to get very poor results if you fail to tell your printer what paper you are using. Long term the surface of the paper can also act like sandpaper and can abrade the surface of the print head. This will cause early failure of the print head if you regularly fail to change the settings.

With labels printed through a laser printer, it is especially important to change the settings otherwise the temperature of the machine will be too high, may warp your labels and long term may damage your printer due to adhesive leakage on the label sheet.

To change settings on a Windows PC:

  1. Use Ctrl P – this takes you into a more in depth option to print.
  2. Depending on your software you will get different options, but find Printer Properties.
  3. Within this there will be different options for paper type, size etc.
  4. Select the most appropriate option within Paper Type, whether it is card, labels, photo paper etc.
  5. Make any other changes required such as size, Paper Tray etc.
  6. Press OK then Print.

It is worth taking the time to get to know your printer and the settings available. It is also possible to save commonly used settings on a profile so that you can use them regularly without having to set up each time.

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