Do I have to pull anything off the cartridge before installing it?

Yes, depending on the cartridge. Most inkjet cartridges have a small plastic tape which must be removed before installation. If the tape is not removed the ink cannot flow properly and the cartridge will not perform as it should. Be EXTREMELY careful not to remove any copper contacts from a cartridge as this will damage the cartridge and cannot then be repaired or used.

Some laser cartridges have a protective paper sheet or plastic cover over the drum. This must be removed before installation. Some may also have a long tape to pull out before installation into the machine. Failure to remove the tape will render the cartridge unusable.

Brother printers have a separate cartridge and drum. Take care to familiarise yourself with the two parts as the drum will not need replacing as often as the cartridge. Both parts can be removed from the printer as one, but when replacing a cartridge it is only necessary to remove the cartridge not the drum as well.

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