The own brand ink cartridges aren’t being recognised

Inkjet printerInkjet printer

If the own brand ink cartridges you are using aren’t being recognised, here are some things you can do:

  • Always make sure that all the packaging is removed and that the contacts from the cartridge are clean.
  • Read the message coming up on your printer screen and on your computer screen. Some of the bigger brands are using “scare tactics” alerting you to the fact you are using own brand cartridges not OEM cartridges. You need to confirm that you are aware that you are using non genuine ink cartridges and that will allow you to print. If by mistake you tell them that you are not aware you are using non genuine cartridges they will “kill” the cartridge and will stop you from printing.
  • Say No to any updates, especially from HP!
  • Sometimes software updates will render our own brand cartridges unusable and the only option might be an OEM cartridge. If that also fails, there could be a bigger problem relating to the printer head or PCB.

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