My printer is printing slowly or loses connection when connected wirelessly

If your printer is printing slowly or you keep losing the connection when you’re printing wirelessly, here are some things you can try: 

  • Try to switch your wireless router off. Leave it for 5 minutes then switch back on.
  • Switch your printer off and then back on.
  • Most wireless printers will lose connection or will be slow if situated further than 12 metres away from the router: move the printer closer to your router if necessary.
  • Some modern routers will be dual band, operating on two frequencies: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Make sure the router is set up by the engineer to auto select the band. If the 5GHz band is selected as default, the printer is unable to use it.
  • Try to print using an USB cable.
  • Delete all documents from the printer queue.
  • Do not send large documents in one go to an inkjet printer as they are unable to store data. If you’re printing a larger document, print in batches wherever possible.
  • Check you have the correct hardware installed.
  • Reset your printer to factory defaults.

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