What can I do if my print comes out ‘wonky’?

HP colour later printerHP colour later printer

It is important to ensure that the paper guides on the paper tray fit very snugly on each side of the paper. Obviously they must not be so tight that the paper cannot move, but with even as little as 1mm space either side the paper can end up travelling at an angle through the printer. In extreme circumstances this can contribute to paper jams as well.

Prints can come out “wonky” when the print head requires alignment or there is an electrical fault with the print head. Performing the alignment might solve the issue, but when doing so does not resolve the issue a new print head is required.

The cost of the new print head is higher than the cost of the new printer in most instances, so we advise to check with us before incurring any expense. Feel free to consult us if you are in any doubt.

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