So much more than just computers…

From the office to home to the coffee shop before a meeting, Rethink IT can link your laptop or smart device to your documents and emails, enabling you to work anywhere, anytime.

We provide, install and support the right hardware, software, security and storage that can make your business a business that is active and effective at all times.

For business, social, education or entertainment use, we can provide the right desktop or laptop for you. Combining all the latest and greatest features and technologies, our hardware is competitive and we provide full support and quick-fix services.

Whatever the budget, we have a range of devices that offer different screen sizes and features. We can also support your current devices and provide a range of support packages.

We have the right software to enable you to get the most out of your computers, from Microsoft Office and specific business programs, to educational software and creative packages. We can deliver and install.

Keeping all your important documents and data safe and secure is vital to protect you from disruption and downtime. So protecting your devices against different threats is now vital, but that doesn’t mean it’s costly.

Our range of security packages and software are comprehensive and cost effective.

No need to run out of space on your computer, we provide a range of storage options to suit you.

Store, back up and share through portable, wireless or cloud storage options.

Store all your data and back up all your documents and photos via the internet, and access them anywhere, anytime. Our services enable you to pay monthly based on how much you need to store.

Saving you time and money, our managed service packages enables you to have the hardware and software you require, with automatic software updates and regular health checks. Alongside this, we provide you with peace of mind through ongoing customer support and remote or onsite repairs.

We offer a full range of service, repairs and health checks, so you can get your computer an ‘MOT’ to ensure it is running efficiently, get your computer repaired quickly if you discover a fault, as well as receive support for document recovery.

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