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Photocopiers are a fast, affordable way to create or reproduce a single document in mono or hundreds of full-colour booklets.

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Affordable Quality

Based on our industry knowledge and expertise we provide leading-brand models at lower rentals to empower your business, accurately reproducing business presentations, marketing materials, newsletters, and important documents. With a high-quality Multi-Function Printer (MFP) photocopier you don’t have to purchase additional, expensive printing equipment.

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The MFP photocopiers are loaded with state-of-the-art technology consistently ensuring the highest quality output. Highly functional, many operate in duplex mode and maximise your productivity. Reliability is a core requirement for all our Photocopier models.

Rethink Utax 300ci Office Colour Photocopier

Utax 300ci

Print, copy, scan, fax A4
30 A4 pages/min in colour + b/w
Copy resolution 600 x 600 dpi

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*Excluding VAT, Terms and Conditions apply

One of Rethink Printings Utax 2506ci photocopiers we supply businesses with

Utax 2506ci

Print, copy, scan A3
25 A4/12 A3 pages/min in colour + b/w
Copy resolution 600 x 600 dpi

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*Excluding VAT, Terms and Conditions apply

A Multi function Utax 3206i Photocopier

Utax 3206ci

Print, copy, scan A3
32 A4/16 A3 pages/min in colour + b/w
Copy resolution 600 x 600 dpi

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*Excluding VAT, Terms and Conditions apply

The Right Solution

Whether your business is small or large, we will advise whether a MFP photocopier would form part of the “right” solution for your business. It is a myth that only businesses of a certain size warrant a full-blown MFP photocopier. What matters is that any machine is sized for the printing you do rather than the size of the business.

Rethink’s aim is to optimise your productivity, increase efficiencies, reduce rental & running costs and the impact on the environment. Our experience and skills in this has earned us trusted advisor status to all our customers.

Independent and unbiased advise from Rethink Printing

Local and Independent

We are an independent MFP photocopier supplier run by local people from a real local office.

Let us supply your MFP photocopier and you can guarantee:

  • Fair and competitive technology pricing
  • Service contracts with no onerous hidden extras
  • Personal account managers and local service technicians ensuring industry leading response times
  • A range of finance options which can be tailored to suit YOUR business needs
  • Professional advice which WILL save you money on both your hardware and ongoing print cost.

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