So much more than just telephones…

From one person to 1000 people and more, Rethink Telecoms will deliver and support the right communications system for your business.

Our systems are flexible and scalable to enable changes and growth within your organisation and we can protect existing investments through integration options with your existing phone system.

Our hosted service provides all the features and functionality of a phone system, but you don’t have to pay for the installation or maintenance, and you can just add and remove users as and when you require.

You simply pay one fixed monthly price per handset and pay for your calls.

What’s more, just plug in your handset and you are up and running. Add and remove users simply and quickly, enabling you to easily adapt to change.

  • Video Conferencing
  • Contact Centres – routing, tracking and handling communications coming into, and ‘moving around’, your organisation – including voice, email, call back, SMS, web chat and fax.
  • Call Management – understand exactly how your calls are handled in order to help you manage calls more effectively and efficiently.
  • Call Recording – meet regulatory standards or use as an assessment and training tool.
  • Unified Communications – bring together calls, voicemail, email, texts, conferencing and data sharing, so users are able to react to and facilitate things faster and more efficiently.

Our dedicated customer support team are on hand to help with issues and faults. Through remote diagnostics and, if required, onsite technical support, we resolve faults quickly and efficiently to minimise any disruption to your business.

Offering you savings of up to 30% on BT standard tariffs, we focus on significantly reducing your call charges.

The right package for you is one that is tailored around how you actually ‘use your phones’. Based on where you are calling to and from, length of calls and time of calls, we will build you an individual tariff plan.

Our billing audits analyse historic call data to identify areas of cost rationalisation. This enables us to build tailored call plans that fit your actual call usage, as well as highlight unused or misused lines that you are paying for.

Based on the services and bandwidth levels available at your locations, we deliver competitive services. We also provide flexibility in contract lengths to facilitate business changes, moves and temporary work locations.

We will provide the right handsets and tablets to enable you to carry on working anywhere, anytime, with highly competitive call packages.

The right mobile device is an invaluable business tool. You can access emails, office documentation as well as link direct to your office phones.

We are in the business of provide business enhancing solutions, so our systems can link multiple locations; support employees on the move; enable home working and remote office collaboration; as well as provide mobile phone and email integration to streamline working.

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